Thursday, July 14, 2011

FaceBook One Step Ahead

Are you an entrepreneur but using FaceBook as a normal social networking website, then this blog pose is surely for you. FaceBook is not just teenager’s toy of chatting and posting funny updates. Using FaceBook as a business promotion tool is one of the wisest steps taken by any entrepreneur to boost his product and reach the targeted audience in no time.

FaceBook is a niche platform to promote your business, brand and services. With more than 800 million users worldwide, FaceBook is highly accessed and therefore it has managed to prove itself one of the fastest mediums to publicize your business. Looking forward to the amazing features of promotions, FaceBook is being calling an excellent business enhancing site.
You can find lots of useful applications which have been developed by FaceBook developers or by other software development persons. These FaceBook applications can be used intelligently in the site page or business page to attract the valued customers.
Let’s take a tour of innovative ideas and know how we can be a part of this successful business enhancement platform:

  • Invite your friends and customers to let them know you have a FaceBook page and ask for them to drop in and like your page. Invite friends to seed your page if you’re just starting up.
  • Try and embed a FaceBook social plug-in in the business blog.
  • Create a welcome page that should be attractive enough to encourage the visitors to like your page.
  • Post blogs on other groups of your interest; that will direct a healthy traffic to your business page on FaceBook.
  • Import blogs from the blog page of the company and Give a link on FaceBook to subscribe to your blog via RSS.
  • Always try and keep the content updated that adds value to your viewers and readers creates deep engagement.
  • Run contest and polls using the standard ‘Question’ feature on FaceBook to engage and capture the audience.  
  •  One can also use third party tools, if they are more effective than the regular ‘questions’ feature on FaceBook.
  • Include Twitter, linked in and Google+ in the menu of the business page. This is a quick way to provide other channels for engagement.
  • Publish a lot of interesting content on the page as per the interest and theme of the page. Latest events in the company such as upgrading software development services, news on topics of interest that are happening in the world or niche. The valued customers or friends, who are part of your page, will get notification about the latest and hottest news on the page.
  • Connect to your dear customers and peers directly; respond to all the comments on site page in a timely fashion.
  • Embed SlideShare presentations and YouTube videos in the business page.
  • Photos are the most captivating thing in the world. Place memorable and attractive photos of events at the organization as this will drive a deeper engagement with your prospects and customers.
  • FaceBook can be used as the best place for advertisement of the product or service you are offering. One can use it effectively and wisely to get the required boost in a business.

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